An end-to-end Travel Management Platform

Here at CTM we’re happy to leave the ‘games’ to others. We’re serious about delivering the technology our customers want in a way the corporate travel market hasn’t seen before.

We put the user at the center of our development process to build a modern ecosystem of applications that make a real and lasting difference to their entire corporate travel experience.


Reduce Cost

Achieve actionable insight before, throughout and after bookings are complete.


Global Insights

Centralised data management and control providing global or regional reporting insights.


Safety and Security

Multi-tiered approach from approval through to locational awareness. Our proprietary telecommunications and security platform is built entirely for your needs.


Intuitive and user friendly

Highly engineered user interfaces boost user take-up productivity and ownership.



Customised and dynamic

From data through to interface, you are in control, this is your own personal platform built for you.


Policy Optimisation

Every inch of the ecosystem is orientated to drive compliance and policy control helping you achieve real results.


Device Agnostic

Tablet, Phablet, Mobile or PC – Whichever device you’re using, this ecosystem is optimised for all.


Global yet Local

Any market, any time. And, we are not just talking data like everyone else. Our approach is truly unique!